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At Brizwest Driving School, our emphasis is on teaching safe driving techniques for the roads around Bardon. If you want to be a safe driver for life, it may be useful to experience many of the intersections controlled by traffic lights near Rosalie.

You need to be a Safe Driver to pass your Practical Driving Test in Toowong

Clearly an unsafe driver is a person that excessively speeds, drives when drunk , tailgates, disobeys road rules. But an unsafe driver can also be a person who is distracted or does not look any where else but the direction they are going and may cause harm to others.

To be a safe driver in Toowong, you have to adopt a defensive strategy and develop advanced observation skills.

A Safe Driver will learn to :
See - look for hazards that may possibly cross into your path from ANY direction
Evaluate - do I need to change course or speed to avoid a potential hazard?
Respond - apply your skills to avoid the hazard when appropriate

How do we tell if we are driving safely in Toowong or Bardon ?

Let's take a look at just one example:

Driving along the road a safe Driver will:
See a PED X road marking
see the pedestrian sign
see pedestrian approaching
look in rear mirror for vehicles
slow the car early
have vehicle behind slow early

An unsafe Driver will :

be oblivious to the PED X marking
NOT see the pedestrian sign
not look for pedestrian approaching
ignore rear mirror
slam brakes on when pedestrian steps on crossing
cause vehicle behind to crash into rear

The above scenario was written to highlight the vastly different actions between two drivers in Bardon or Toowong. A safe driver will prevent a collision by applying safe responses to a hazardous situation, but an unsafe driver who fails to notice the warnings does not respond well to the situation. The actions of the unsafe driver may cause a collision and even injuries and it may end up as the fault of the following driver. The following driver may be deemed to be following at a distance that was unsafe. This is just ONE of many situations you will learn to deal with while becoming a safe driver with Brizwest Driving School in the Toowong area.