Our Toowong Driving School will help with Driving Test preparation

Our BrizWest Driving School Instructor for Toowong will work with each student to ensure that they develop each element of driving at a pace that works for them. Some beginning students think that in the very first lesson they will be expected to drive and control the driving schools car. This is NOT at all the expectation. Only small elements of the driving process are given to the student at a time so they can manage their learning and move forward steadily to bring all the elements together at a pace that suits them. Our Toowong Driving Instructor is very familiar with the Toowong area and will choose quiet locations for the learning process so that the student can focus on learning to use the contols of the schools car.

NOTE: Our Policy is to ONLY take learners to a Driving Test that have driven with us at least A WEEK before the Test.
That way the Learner will have been carefully evaluated and it will be clear if they have skills needed for a Driving Test.

SPEEDING  speed6 When you turn a corner look for the Speed Sign. Then you will know how fast you can go. In Toowong area there are many speed signs around corners.
STOPPING  stop6 How many drivers STOP at speed signs? If you don't STOP you may be back for a new Driving Test..
KEEP LEFT  k left6 Keeping Left is a rule. If you break the rules you may have trouble in your Driving Test around Toowong

These videos are samples of the many aspects of Driving that the learner will need to be able to demonstrate on their journey to passing a Test. More importantly these Driving School exercises will take the Learner on the road to becoming a safe driver for life.

Our Brizwest Driving School Instructor for the Toowong area understands that some Learners can be very nervous about the first lesson and it will usually only take a few minutes for the Learner to relax and start to have fun with the learning process.


The Toowong Roundabout offers challenges for inexperienced Learner Drivers

Roundabout in Toowong

The Toowong roundabout is the traffic feeder for vehicles coming from the western suburbs of Brisbane and wanting to reach the northern suburbs. It is a main artery for the western suburbs of Brisbane and results in an almost constant flow of Traffic into the Toowong roundabout. Even experienced drivers can find it challenging to safely transit this roundabout. toowong2 However Learner Drivers are expected to step up and show they can safely enter and exit the roundabout from all directions. With some training and practice Learners can execute good judgement and safely transit this roundabout.

Toowong technique revealed

Rather than looking for a gap in traffic coming directly from the right, car B should look for traffic from the other side of the roundabout such as Car A. Car A causes traffic to stop very briefly while it passes. This opens up a small gap for car B. Car B has just a short time to evaluate the situation and make a good decision. A learner driver can also begin to make good decisions at the Toowong roundabout. There is always a prospect of crossing the Toowong roundabout when taking a Practical Driving Test at Rosalie. Our Instructors can help you learn these techniques.