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Brizwest Driving School understands that you may have a lot of questions about getting started as a Learner Driver.

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Our Driving School uses Fig Tree Pocket Rd
for local Learners getting started

Fig Tree Pocket

Fig Tree Pocket Rd leads to Biambi Yumba Park which is a quiet area for learners to do all the basic activities needed to get started driving a car. This area is ideal for learning to steer, change gears, learn some clutch control, do hill starts and a whole lot more.
Here you can do activities like moving to the kerb and moving away from the kerb. The Learner can find lots of neat corners to practice making good turns. To top it all off the Fig Tree Pocket area has parks, the river and some natural surounds that you can enjoy on your drive.

Our Driving School uses Fig Tree Pocket Roundabout

Fig Tree Pocket

The long stretch of road between the park and the roundabout is very useful to get up to speed and change gears in a manual car. However some skills need to be developing before doing the loop at the roundabout. If the learner ends up stopped entering the roundabout they may need to do a hillstart to go around. However the early hill starts can be practiced at the hill next to the park before heading to the roundabout. So as you can see this area in Fig Tree Pocket is fantastic to develop a whole lot of basic driving skills to a high standard before going out into busy roads with other traffic. This is one of our favorite spots when helping a Learner Driver to get started and as you can see it is a very relaxing place to work in.