Driving School Taringa | Signs signals and Roadmarkings

One of the essential keys to pass a Driving Test for Taringa and St Lucia Learners

signs markings

The purpose of signs signals and markings are to let the driver know of changing road conditions in Taringa. It is vital that you see these signs signals and road markings to avoid disobeying the road rules. If you miss just one important sign in Taringa it could mean failing a Driving Test. The Learner needs to train to read ALL these signs signals and markings. For example, if you miss a 40k road sign, and travel at 48k in that zone you may surely fail a Driving Test and many Learner Driviers do just that. If you ask a Year 12 student what the speed limits are on sections of road going to school, they will likely tell you without even looking and so they are already trained not to look for speed signs. When doing a Driving Test the Learner will be so busy in an unfamiliar area and so they will NOT likely think to look for that speed sign on the corner. Test Over ? If your habit is NOT to look for important road signs, signals and markings as part of your driving, because you have rarely ventured into unfamiliar roads, then you will struggle to do this when it counts in a Driving Test. Spend some time in the Driving School car and learn to read the signs, signals and road markings as one of the many skills you should develop in your hundred hours of Driving. A quality Driving Instructor can assist you to develop the skill to read signs signals and road markings. Like the other elements of driving safely - it's not that hard.

Adjust your side mirrors in Taringa

honda LS mirror

At Brizwest Driving School we recommend that you adjust your side mirrors so that the side of the car is barely visible in the mirror.  This sets the mirror up for the optimum view to the side of the car, so that  you can view the road beside you and the lane next to you in a Taringa street. The tilt on the mirror of the Driving School car is a tradeoff between seeing the kerb next to you or the lane lines and seeing the face of a bus driver in the next lane. We think that the mirror should be set to view the horizon just above half way up the mirror.

Honda RS mirror

 However to make the whole process easier for everybody we have some yellow stickers on the mirror and we line the back door handle up with these stickers. Doesnt matter if you are short or tall  setting the mirrors is exactly the same for everyone. If you follow this method it will set the mirrors as described above for every different driver in the School car.  Off course the mirrors on every car are different, so it is just a matter of finding the right place to put your sticker to get the optimum use of the mirrors for that particular car.  These mirrors help you avoid collisions with other cars so it is very important to use them well and get the best from them.