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At Brizwest Driving School we find the Mt Ommaney and Jindalee areas have fantastic streets and roads to get early learners on the road to some great driving. Mt Ommaney Drive links these two suburbs and we can do some really basic work in the adjoining streets to get those early driving skills rolling along quickly. The streets in Jindalee have some great corners that allow learners to quickly master the art of steering. The hills connecting Jindalee and Mount Ommaney are great for learning smooth braking and knowing when to push the accelerator for power to get up those gently rising slopes.

Mount Ommaney is the place to get an introduction to traffic lights

The traffic lights to the Mount Ommaney shopping centre control a multi-lane intersection and includes several slip lanes. A slip lane is an area of road for vehicles turning left that is seperated from other parts of the road by a painted island or traffic island.When you drive onto a road from a slip lane, you must give way to all pedestrians and vehicles on the road you are entering.

This is a complex set of traffic lights at the Mt Ommaney intersection and is worth discussing in some detail with your learner driver. If you go shopping at Mt Ommaney you may need to fully understand this intersection so you can use it safely from any direction. At Brizwest Driving School we like to drive a variety of different traffic lights in the early logbook hours.

Practice manoeuvres near the Jindalee boat ramp

The streets near the boat ramp at Jindalee are full of magnificent trees and this is a very scenic location. However it is also a great place to practice manoeuvres for the Driving Test. Nearby there are some streets with small hills where you can practice Hill-starts in a manual car. There a some narrow streets just the right width to try your Turnarounds ( 3 point turns )

Because the gutters here are vertical it makes it an ideal area to practice Reverse Parking and Straight Reversing. So for anybody that is just about Driving Test ready and lives in Jindalee they can share these streets to get some local practice with Driving test manoeuvres. Our Driving School Instructors can be seen in this area with learner drivers.

Middle Park has a great loop drive for Learner Drivers

For any Learner living in the Middle Park area the left hand loop from Horizon Drive into Riverhills Rd and back is great to practice some really basic skills. There is so much space to pull over and practice stop - starting. The mild hills in Middle Park are great to practice controlling speed with the brake and accelerator. If you have a manual car you can practice basic hill starts from the kerb. Perhaps you can take a Driving Lesson while your parents play golf in Middle Park.

Mt Ommaney and Jindalee are great for learning to do Hill Starts
Arrabri Avenue has many points to stop and practice Hill Starts in a manual car or if you are driving an Auto car you can simply practice stopping neatly next to the kerb. BrizWest Driving School has been supporting learner drivings in the Centenary area for many years.